How to Create a Widget

Learn how to create Widgets powered by ChefGPT API.

The widget feature in allows you to create and customize various types of widgets powered by ChefGPT API that can be embedded in your website or application. With widgets, you can go live with ChefGPT API in a matter of minutes. This documentation will guide you through the process of creating and implementing a widget in your app.

Creating a Widget

To create a widget, follow these steps:

  • Access the Widget Editor: Navigate to the Widget Editor section.
  • Create an Widget: Click on "Create New Widget" button.
  • Name your Widget: Give your widget a name so you can easily reference back to it.
  • Choose Widget Type: Select the type of widget you want to create from the available options, such as Recipe From Ingredients, Recipe From Macros, Pairings, or Meal Plan.
  • Save Your Widget: Once you are satisfied with the selection, save your widget to finalize the creation process.

Newly created widgets are set as "Inactive" by default. To activate the widget, access the widget configuration by clicking on the "Edit" button of the newly created widget.